Hazzel Joy Herico is a dynamic individual with a strong foundation in Psychology and a wealth of experience in the telecommunications industry. Having worked at both Sprint and T-Mobile, she has honed her skills and risen to the position of Customer Lead Representative through her hard work and dedication. In this role, Hazzel not only excelled in resolving customer issues but also took on the responsibility of mentoring and supporting younger team members, nurturing their talents and fostering a collaborative work environment.

Her exceptional performance and commitment to excellence have been recognized with the prestigious One Call Resolution Silver Trophy, an accolade achieved by only a select few in the industry. Hazzel's passion for providing outstanding customer service and her ability to lead and inspire others make her a valuable asset in any team or organization.

Currently, Hazzel Joy Herico serves as the Marketing Lead of Arcs Team, leveraging her innate creativity and resourcefulness to excel in this role.

Hazzel Joy Herico

Arcs Team Marketing Lead