Hiera Kim Narbay is a dedicated professional with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education, graduating cum laude. Her journey in the professional realm began with a year-long tenure as an agent, where she laid the foundation for her career in the dynamic world of the BPO Industry.

Driven by a passion for service excellence and a natural flair for leadership, Hiera quickly ascended the ranks to become a Supervisor. Over the span of four years, she meticulously honed her skills in voice and chat operations, specializing in delivering exceptional customer care. Her tenure as a Team Leader reflects her unwavering commitment to fostering high-performing teams and consistently delivering outstanding results.

Hiera embarked on a new chapter as a valued member of the Arcs Team. Here, she leveraged her expertise to contribute meaningfully to various projects, showcasing her adaptability and strategic thinking.

Recognized for her outstanding contributions and leadership qualities, Hiera was appointed as the Arcs Team Lead in March 2024. In this pivotal role, she continues to drive innovation and excellence, guiding her team towards the achievement of organizational objectives. Hiera’s dedication to excellence and continuous improvement makes her a valuable asset in any professional endeavor.

Hiera Kim Narbay

Arcs Team Lead