Maintaining Legacy: Covenant Clinics' Transformation

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May 9, 2024
group photo of staff

On November 9, 2023, Arcs Health acquired Covenant Clinics, an established clinic in Las Cruces, New Mexico, known for its quality healthcare services. The acquisition was aimed at growing the business while maintaining continuity, keeping the brand, services, and EMR system intact.‍

In the following weeks, Arcs Health successfully eased into the transition with a well-articulated post-acquisition integration plan. This plan stayed focused on business continuity, keeping the existing resources, branding, and staff unchanged. This was a deliberate approach to maintain familiarity for Covenant’s old patients.‍Just two weeks after the acquisition, there are plans to increase primary care services from one day to two days per week. The incumbent Medical Director, Dr. Patterson, continued in his role, furthering the sense of continuity. His duties were however lightened as Arcs Health provided a replacement doctor for all urgent care shifts. This change not only improved the wellness of the clinic’s staff but also left existing patients unaffected.‍

Under the stewardship of Arcs Health, Covenant Clinics has gained access to important resources, such as support for insurance contract negotiations, centralized practice management, and access to the clinical artificial intelligence platform - Claraly.‍

Within the next two months, Covenant Clinics is set to triple its primary care business. Moreover, the partnership will help introduce mental health services to the community, further expanding Covenant Clinic’s healthcare offerings.‍

‍The successful partnership between Arcs Health and Covenant Clinics stands as a solid example of how an acquisition can lead to business growth and expansion while maintaining the continuity. This not only makes the transition seamless for existing patients, but also paves the way for growth and expansion. Last but not least, this opportunity provides Dr. Patterson with the ability to strategize his exit and relish his much-earned retirement, offering more leisure time for himself and his loved ones.‍

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